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About Us

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Fitness for Real People

We established Fit Lane, to provide a facility where everyone could enjoy getting fit without feeling intimidated. We know how many  forego exercise and hobbies because they don’t feel comfortable. It’s our wonderful members who actually do all the work for us in this regard, they welcome every new member and make them feel part of the family.You're sure to make a friend or two in Fit Lane.


We pride ourselves on being real and genuine people and that quality fitness training can be made accessible to everyone. We are here for you no matter what and your success is incredibly important to us. 

Fitness is for EVERY body, regardless of size, shape, age, gender, race, class, ability, or sexual orientation. 

Our Story

Fit Lane opened in January 2022 with brand new equipment, sleek and shiny changing rooms and every amenity you need to have a comfortable training session. 

Beginning their careers as Fitness Instructors, Aoife and Stephen always wanted the opportunity to give more to those who trained with them. After 7 years personal training and instructing classes together in gyms in Galway they saw the need for a safe space for both private training and providing an experience not just another in & out fitness class, and so Fit Lane was established.

Setting up a judgement free zone where people could enjoy getting fit without the feeling intimidated, anxious or not welcome was a dream for many years. In their mid 20s getting fit and starting to exercise changed both Aoife & Stephen's lives personally. Having studied and worked in different areas they knew that this would be the most fulfilled path they could follow. This is why at Fit Lane so much importance is put on enjoying fitness and being able to stick with it long term. 

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Co-owner, Personal Trainer, Fitness Class Master

Stephen’s energy is infectious and will get you enthusiastic about nutrition and exercise. Stephen also teaches the up-and-coming generation of fitness trainers with Image Fitness Training. As a tutor, training new personal trainers, he is able to break down information, taking away the confusion and giving practical tools to help you fine tune your nutrition. He remembers what it is liked to be overwhelmed by too much information and is a pro at making it simple for his clients.


A man of many talents Stephen records his own music playlists which are specifically designed pumping beats to enhance your performance and carry you through your workout. These playlist are renowned for taking the all time dreaded spinning class to fun addictive experience. 

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Co-Owner, Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Expert

Having searched hard for fitness professionals who properly understand how to train Women, and recognise more than the anatomical difference, Aoife is passionate about providing a high quality service that helps women with body image, unrealistic expectations and throwing out old ideas of what women’s bodies ‘should be’. 


With 85% of Women opting out of important life events because they don’t believe they look good enough (Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016), Fit Lane aims to make sure everyone feels welcomed and listened to. 

Having spent most of her life on and off diets Aoife wants to help you overcome controlling thoughts about food and exercise and find an enjoyable balance of exercise and fitness. 

Aoife also specialises in creating safe and effective exercise programs for Mothers and Mothers-To-Be.

Our Qualifications

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