Galway's Best Fitness Classes

We have classes to suit every level of fitness. Held in our upstairs studio we offer challenging and fresh fitness classes every week. Fully kitted out with 20sets of barbells and Plates, Kettlebells from 6kg to 28kg,  10 sets of dumbbells from .5kg - 10kg and 10 spinning bikes. These classes will get you fitter, teach you good technique, help you reach your fitness goals.

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Music .. Lights .. Endorphins

We run spinning classes 6 days per week with classes from 30-45mins. We turn the lights down low and cycle in time with the music and lights. It’s a spinning experience and the we are famous for the music playlists in the business. Spinning is a great workout to increase fitness, build strength and boost endorphins. Our main goal is you enjoy your cycle and leave feeling unstoppable.

Studio Fit

Fitness Class Galway

Head to Toe Workout

This class combines all our equipment as well as your own body. We include strength building and cardio exercises. All muscles groups are worked from head to toe. Including core training for a complete exercise class workout. 
Combining exercises that are slow and controlled with dynamic bodyweight exercises in supersets and giant sets we make the most of our 45mins together.

Full Body HiiT

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Cardio .. Strength .. Smiles

Strengthen both cardiovascular and muscular systems with the use of free weights, kettlebells, barbells, and cardio exercises. This class includes non-stop strength building exercises. The rounds are quick and the intensity is high. It involves bursts of high-intensity work (intervals) with periods of low intensity work. Full Body HiiT is an intense aerobic workout and strength training with a variety of equipment.


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Fast Fitness

In - 30mins - done! Get the most benefit in the shortest amount of time. Based on the format of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest we make this a fun, efficient and mood boosting workout. Fitness classes should make the most of your time and this class certainly ticks that box. This class will leave you burning energy for hours to come.

Studio Box

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Ready to feel unstoppable?

Our boxing style fitness class incorporates components from boxing and weaves them into a fun, energetic, empowering workout. Working in pairs or on the bag with gloves and focus we guide you through. Everyone is there to get fit and have a good time, we motivate each other through a definitely stress busting workout.  All equipment provided and no experience is necessary.

Cardio Beat

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Let the Music Take Control

This workout is the fitness moves you recognise choreographed into a fun energetic class. Combining moves from classic aerobic, HiiT, Boxing, Kickboxing and Dance. You will be breaking a sweat will a smile on your face. 

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