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Galway's Best Fitness Classes

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Our classes will increase your fitness, make keeping fit enjoyable, teach good technique, help you reach your fitness goals.


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Music .. Lights .. Endorphins

We have Spinning Classes throughout the week with classes from 30-45mins.

Forget about boring classes with hill intervals that last forever.

We turn the lights down low and cycle in time with the music and lights. It’s a spinning experience that we are famous for. Spinning is a great workout to increase fitness, build strength and boost endorphins. Our main goal is you enjoy your class and leave feeling unstoppable.

Studio Mix

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Head to Toe Workout

This class combines all our equipment as well as your own body. We include strength building and cardio exercises. All muscles groups are worked from head to toe, including core training for a complete exercise class workout. 
Combining exercises that are slow and controlled with dynamic bodyweight exercises, we make the most of our 45mins together.

Semi Private Training

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Strength.. Technique .. Coaching

This class is held downstairs in our Private Gym. We have 6 stations each lasting 7 minutes each. We help you though our set program, with demonstrations and technique correction, guidance on lifting the right weight for you & promoting confidence using machines, free weights and cardio equipment. Semi Private Training can be booked each week, at whichever session time suits you, through either your membership or PAYG.


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Light Weights & Great Music

Tempo is a full body workout using weights. With the use of music, we take our mind off the workout and match the tempo of each exercises. Doing this helps us to focus on both the concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) phase of the exercises. This is a fun way to lift lighter weights but with enough reps to make it effective. TEMPO is a moderate intensity class with no impact.

Studio Box

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Ready to feel unstoppable?

Our boxing style fitness class incorporates components from boxing and weaves them into a fun, energetic, empowering workout. Working in pairs or on the bar, everyone is there to get fit and have a good time. We motivate each other through a stress busting workout. All equipment provided and no experience is necessary.

Fit Kick ETM

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Let the Music Take Control

This workout is the fitness moves you recognise choreographed into a fun energetic class. Combining moves from classic aerobic, HiiT, Boxing, Kickboxing and Dance.

You will be breaking a sweat will a smile on your face. 

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