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Personal Training

Whether you are new to fitness, returning after a break or looking to take your training to the next level choosing Personal Training will help you with safe and effective techniques. While there are no shortcuts, having worked with 100s of clients we understand the body’s unique needs and create evidence based effective programs for you to achieve the results you want.


Once we establish your health history, talk about your current concerns, and what we need to know to help you achieve your best health and ideal lifestyle, we create a training program meeting between 1 & 3 times per week in our fully equipped Private gym in Galway.

 This is a fully equipped gym for Private Training only so we are NEVER overcrowded.


We base your training frequency on your own preference.


Through your comprehensive training plan designed specifically to suit your ability and goals we aim to help you discover the joy in movement and keeping your body fit and strong. Together we can find the fun in fitness and discover how empowering your workouts can be.


Leave your workout feeling unstoppable

Whether you workout just with us, or with us and at home, your training plan will be designed to suit your lifestyle and your goals no matter your ability level, equipment access, or time available to exercise. Learn how to exercise safely and know exactly what exercises you need to do.

The aim of all training plans is to stay safe and healthy while getting maximum results from your workouts.

We share your plan on our APP with every plan having videos to ensure you know how to follow your plan effectively and safely.  Most importantly we aim to provide enjoyable plans that you look forward to doing and learn to love being fit and strong.

Nutrition Guidance

Sick of Diets That don't work?

Our aim is promote healthful nutrition as way to enhance your life and not to control it. We know it is possible to achieve the results you want and to feel good about yourself without obsessing about food and exercise. 

Instead of feeling confused and unsure you will learn practical life changing habits that lead to long term success in health and nutrition. Using simple and implementable tools without feeling like you’re frantically trying to stay ‘on plan’. 

We will progressively work on these habits that will help you feel healthy, happy and confident in how your body looks and feels.


We've got you!!

With us you have accountability, guidance and support throughout. So whether you need advice with your nutrition, want feedback on your squat technique or want to brainstorm some new ideas we will be by your side helping you fine-tune what to do next.

Together we will eliminate feeling overwhelmed, make things easier for you, find out what works for you specifically and do that.

We are here to  bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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How to get Started 

Getting started can be one of the hardest things to do!

You have already taken an amazing big first step by thinking about helping yourself feel stronger, fitter and more confident. Whether you know you are ready to start or would like some more information. 

Step One: Book a consultation and we can plan your next steps forward.

Step Two: If you are happy we start we will take all the information we need to get started and plan a start date. You will have a few forms to fill in 

Step Three: We will set you up on our app so we can stay in touch and you can view your workouts

Step Four: We will plan your first habits and get started training 

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