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Mammy & Baby Fitness

Semi Private Sessions

Motherhood has brought a new focus to your life and so  trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle tends to take a back seat. Fitness now looks like what is what is reasonable for you and your family. Being strong, confident, having energy and returning to exercise safely seems like the most important fitness goal you ever had. I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and helping mothers reconnect with themselves and their bodies is the work I am most passionate about. I cant’t wait to meet you and work with you. 

- Aoife ​

When & Where:

Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 10:15am 

Fit Lane Galway

45 mins

Course Program

The course will run in 4-week blocks.

Small Group 

Comfortable & Positive Environment

Mother and Baby
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Program Dates

Next Launch Starts

4th June 2024

Sign Up Now Open

Limited Spaces

Advance registration necessary

Sign Up will close when spaces are booked

About the Program

Our Postnatal Program is a fitness course designed specifically for women who haven given birth and want guidance on returning to exercise in a safe and supportive environment.

We will work on regaining full functional strength all over especially lower back, pelvic floor and abdominal wall. 

After pregnancy and birth, new mothers and their bodies need special care and attention, and this course is tailored to suit the needs of the mothers attending. Reconnecting with your body and yourself. 

We keep our groups small intentionally. Why? Because you deserve personalised attention. In larger classes, it’s easy to feel lost. Not here!

With our limited-size group, you’ll receive specific subtle adjustments to ensure proper form and progress. We’re all about quality over quantity.

There are a limited number per class to ensure each mammy is given closely monitored and because it simply just nicer not to feel lost in big group and we are together for the 4 week program. It's always lovely to have familiar faces to return to each week. 

Who is it for:

This course is suitable for new mothers up to 1 year postpartum. You should be at least 6 weeks post vaginal birth and at least 10 weeks post caesarean birth. It is always recommend that you seek clearance from your GP before returning to exercise. Also consider an appointment with a Pelvic Health Physio before returning to exercise. 

Bring Your Baby (or Not)

The classes are structured so that mums can bring their babies along while they exercise, you are also more than welcome to come alone. This will be a relaxed environment and a safe space where mums can feed and tend to their little ones as and when they need to. Fit Lane is a private facility and other the Mammy & Baby group will be using the gym at the time of training. We recommend babies are wrapped up cosy. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help carry your little one in to the gym. 

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Our Goal

Most of all we want you to get back feeling strong and confident, both physically and mentally. 

The aim of this course is to promote a safe return to exercise with the long term goal of transitioning back to general fitness classes. 

This can vary from mother to mother, and choosing to do more than one block is more than fine. We will make recommended exercise progression based on individual level and experience. Hybrid postnatal and general class options are available when you would like to progress. 

Connect with Other Mothers

This a great space to meet other women who have recently given birth and are also interested in fitness. I can already picture the post workout coffee dates. 

Reconnect with Your Body

Through deep core breathing techniques and pelvic floor engagement we aim to bring back the strength and stabilisation pre pregnancy. Practice the Connection breath through each exercise which can be a vital part of exercise for the rest of your life. 

Reconnect with Yourself

Feel strong in your body and mind by realising your strength.We will approach your training with a focus on keeping you healthy, making you stronger and working on body image concerns.

Reach Your Goals

Success is achieved by working closely with your medical care team to ensure your training is properly adapted for any common complications like pelvic floor dysfunction and diastastis recti. Above all, I will listen to you, your goals, and the feedback your body is giving you.


2 Classes per Week - €240 per Month

This is a 4 week program and missed sessions can unfortunately not be carried forward. 

Online Consultation Calls Available 

  • Available Online

    Zoom Chat to Find Out if Our Class is a Great Fit for you & your Baby

    30 min

Ready to go...?   Secure your Spot NOW

Postnatal Fitness Class


Tuesday & Thursday 10:15

Valid for 4 weeks

Health Screening

Once you have secured your spot on the program , please fill in the heath screening form you will receive by email. It is imperative that this is completed in advance and any concerns may be raised, so any adjustments being made in advance 

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When Can I Start

Mothers can join our Postnatal Fitness program after their postnatal check up with their GP. We recommending considering a check up with a Pelvic Health Physio also. If you'd like some referrals please let me know. The class is suitable for babies to come along up until crawling stage. 

Do I need to bring anything?

All equipment is provided. You might feel comfortable with a towel and definitely some water. 

Please wear comfortable runners and whatever clothes you feel comfortable to exercise in. 

What will my baby need?

Feel free to bring anything that will keep baby happy for the duration of the class. A car seat or similar is a great choice to keep baby cosy, safe and comfortable. Temperature will be adequate for exercise so a comfy blanket can help keep baby cosy. If your baby wants to join in and be held for exercise that is no problem, they are great additions to squats, presses and glute bridges. 

What if my baby doesn't settle / stay settled druing class?

Any time you need you can tend to your baby through the class from feeding to hugs to changing. Accepting that any of these are likely and we can work around anything. Everyone there is a mammy who has experienced the same thing. 



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