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Are Fitness Classes Good for Me?

Abso-FITNESS-lutley!! Fitness Classes have been around a LONG time but over the last decade class participation boomed with more variety than ever before. People see the value in getting good instruction, making effective use of their time, meeting new people and getting out of their comfort zones.

Most classes will touch on all aspects of your fitness making them incredibly efficient. In one class you can begin the process of burning fat, building muscle, increasing cardiovascular fitness, developing power & getting an amazing sense of achievement.

But are fitness classes for you? It all comes down to how you feel you perform best while exercising. Do you prefer being with a group? Do you want to have an expert on0hand? Do you need to complete your workout as soon as possible?

With a lot of us a bit unsure of technique, appropriate intensity or feeling uncomfortable in certain areas of the gym then we would definitely benefit from a fitness class.

Top 5 Reasons to join a fitness class

1. You gain access to a fitness expert, with similar benefits (although we admit not as specific to you) to having your own private trainer.

2. Fitness classes are actually fun. Long gone are the days of no pain no gain mantras. Fitness is forever and has to be something you love to do, keep coming back and you will likely make some friends too.

3. Whatever your level, you can join in and complete most classes, they are no such thing as expert classes. Any good training will encourage you to work out at your own comfortable intensity.

4. Value for Money - you get an expert-led workout at a fraction of the cost of Personal Training. Your membership might even work out less than what you spend on Coffee.

5. Variety of classes. You don’t have to be tied down to doing the same groundhog day workout over and over, you can do something new every day, week or month.

It can be hard choosing the right class for you. We often think along the lines of “the best’ class. Really ‘the best’ is the class you enjoy and want to return to.

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