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Increasing your Daily Step Count

First of all know that there is no magic number of steps to achieve each day, despite what your fitness watch tells you. However the benefits of walking more are definitely under estimated. There are a few simple ways to increase your step count throughout the day if you feel like you have been stuck sitting for too long - AND if increasing your steps aligns with your goals.

There is no need to get geared up for a long walk, hike or hit the treadmill for half an hour. . Here are some tips to increase your step count without too much effort.

1. Go for mini Walks

You may have 15minutes to spare so just go for a quick walk, just a few minutes out and back. Firstly you’ll add to your steps and secondly a quick bit of fresh air will refresh you and clear your mind. Exercise doesn’t always have to be intense and long lasting, some exercise is enough.

2. Go the Wrong way

Need to go somewhere? Don’t take the short cut take the longer route, maybe the most roundabout way you can think of or maybe just a few extra steps.

3. Park far away.

I drive the 6 minute drive to work and the park right at the door, so I could definitely take my own advice here. If possible and safe when you park at work, or on your next shopping trip park an extra little bit from the front door and build up a few more steps.

4. Walk and talk / walk and Email

We are never off our phones, emails and messages. Whether work or business related. When you can, try stand up and pace while on a call or walk and reply to your emails. This doesn’t work very well for me, but Stephen is a pro at walk and talk, often registering at workout on his smart watch during a phone call.

5. Be inefficient with house work.

Yes INEFFICIENT!!! For example when hanging up your clothes and putting them away, make as many trips as possible while doing it. Instead of carrying a full basket of washing, split it into a few trips to clothes horse or wardrobe. You can apply this to any cleaning or tidying up you have around the house. Some days I find this an enjoyable challenge but on days I don’t, I just don’t do it. Exercise should not feel like punishment!

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